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Small Flock Owners

Farmhouse Poultry is centrally located and provides fully inspected custom processing services to Island growers on a fee for service basis.

We know that Island farmers take great pride in the fine products they grow so we make sure that each flock processed is properly identified.

Growers are guaranteed that they are getting their own birds back upon pick up.

Custom services include all waste charges and bagging fees. Custom services at this time do not include cut up services or further processing.

Custom processing prices are established as a base price with volume discounts, as below:


Chickens 0-25 birds 26-100 101-200 201 and up
  $4.50 $4.25 $4.00 $3.75
Turkeys 1-20 birds 21-50 birds 51-200 birds
201 and up  
Surcharge of $4.00/ bird over 11kg up to 14kg $11.25ea $11.00ea $10.00 ea  $9.50  
Other Poultry prices upon request

Prices in affect as of May 1st 2015        


*Note: We DO NOT process turkeys over 14kg or 30lbs dressed weight, or 17kg or 38lbs live weight.

*Note: Flock price breaks are for flocks processed all on the same day, not for the number of birds a grower may bring to us over a number of days.  Price breaks reflect our cost savings in processing paperwork and management of processed flocks for larger work units on a given day

All custom work is payable at the time of pick up.  We accept cash cheques, debit, VISA and M/C

Prices or terms may change without notice.