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Local Food Matters

Ever wonder where the strawberries in the grocery store come from in December? They were likely flown over 15,000 kilometres from South America. How about lettuce from California, tomatoes from Mexico or chicken from Brazil? These are just some examples of the incredible distances that some foods travel in order to get to the grocery store. Historically inexpensive fuel prices have helped create a system that brings to us a variety of food from far away farms.

Due to the time and distance much of this food travels, there is a distinct lack of flavour and freshness in well-travelled food once on your dinner table. At the end of the day, the consumer is not getting good value of their food dollar with road weary food. Fuel prices are forecast to change dramatically in the next few years and these long distance foods will become expensive as well as lacking in flavour and freshness.

Savvy food buyers know that by buying local, we can make a significant contribution towards reducing the world’s fuel consumption and the resulting pollution thereby getting much more value for our money. Health experts agree that eating a variety of locally grown foods, is the most beneficial way to eat. Check out the menu on the best eating establishments, - top Chefs agree, fresher is better, and “It’s Fresher from Here!”